The primary Add On that our customers ask for is support for ongoing SEO authoring. It is possible for an AutoCare Website to exceed 60 SEO articles over time and still have room for more keyword search presence on the internet. There is no reason to stop after a dozen or so obviouos articles have been authored and they are working. In addition we offer additional features to create a 'stickier' experience for you website visitors.

Website Add Ons - Building Blocks 1. Community Features. If you wish to use contests and giveways to reward your customers, you will need to have a way for them to sign up online, perform some action (like send out email referrals) and track that activity. These features are the foundation of an online community. Its a way to stay connected with your best customers, and entice new customers.

2. Commenting. While we do not consider this a feature for everybody, you may wish to use your SEO articles as a foundation for interaction with your customers and future customers. Allow them to ask questions and comment directly on your article pages. You can add your replies, and the context of your SEO content will expand naturally.

3. Accept Payments Online. You may require customers to make a deposit on a repair before you start, but they may not be able to contact you during the business day. We can set up the ability to accept online payments any time of the day or night. You will arrive in the morning with your money in the bank and concrete authorization to proceed.

4. Customer Service Feedback Forms. This can be a great way to defuse a problem. Some customers wont call or tell you if they are unhappy about something. Without an outlet, they may just tell others. Give them more than one way to communicate. A prominently placed Feedback Form can do wonders.

5. Video Information Library. Some people research and learn through youtube. The problems is that they often get lost. We can build a youtube style collection with many useful videos from various sources, directly on your site. And the next click will not lead them away or throw distractions at your customers.

6. Other "Eye Candy" - This is a term that we use to distinguish between SEO features and features that will tend to grab the attention of your visitors. There should always be a clear distinction between the two. SEO features come FIRST. Then the traffic comes. Then you will need more Eye Candy. While you want your site to look great, doing all of the eye candy at the beginning should NOT be your highest priority. When the time comes for these enhancements, the list might include stuff like animations, advanced photo gallery systems, popups and overlays, the list goes on.

There are many other features that will make your site more dynamic (changing frequenlty in Google's eyes) and interactive to your visitors. Many people out there are willing to engage with your expert staff, and with other visitors regarding subjects that they care about. Auto Repair can be one of those subjects. Users could leave public comments and questions on your site, and that can make your site look better to Google.

If you can think of it, we can probably do it. We may have even had some experience with it, so dont hesitate to ask.